Workshop Reports

In February 2022, 69 participants from 26 countries came together in practitioner-led workshops to share information among planners, engineers, policy experts, and their partners working locally across the globe to address sea level rise. To our knowledge, such a gathering had never before taken place. This report presents the findings of these workshops and includes commonalities and differences among practitioners in all corners of the globe, and sources of success and difficulty to date. It also points to the next steps needed to address knowledge gaps, prepare leaders and communities to take action together, and ensure indigenous and disadvantaged communities are fully included in planning. Many questions remain unresolved. For this, a strong consensus among participants emerged regarding the need for a “community of practice” to broaden and deepen collaboration globally, regionally, and locally as seas continue to rise. Our work to collaborate on this critical issue is advancing through PEERS.

Advancing Resilience to Sea Level Rise: Leading Practices and Current Challenges.

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