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The work of PEERS is driven by our practitioner-members around the globe. 

Together, PEERS members and partners work to solve complex problems to meet the needs of vulnerable coastal communities today and in the future. PEERS welcomes all professionals actively working to address sea level rise and related coastal threats. If that describes you, please fill out our member form and help drive the work of PEERS!

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The NASA Sea Level Change Team (N-SLCT) seeks to improve the understanding of regional relative sea-level change on a range of timescales with an interdisciplinary team of scientists. That team utilizes NASA satellite observations in addition to reanalysis and modeling efforts to advance understanding of sea level change in the past, present, and future. With this expertise and tools, N-SLCT can address the growing societal need for better sea-level information and to take tangible steps to engage the stakeholder community to provide “useful” sea-level information by first defining what “useful” is and then working to tailor tools and products to end-user needs. This includes the use of 30 years of satellite observational data to create user-friendly inundation mapping products. N-SLCT engages with practitioners through the co-production process led by PEERS and produces mapping products that respond to identified user needs.

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