Adaptation Pathways in Action: Generating and Using “Triggers” and Monitoring Systems to Support Pathway Change and Maintain Resilience

June 27-28, 2023

This webinar was the third in a series featuring practical experiences in implementing “adaptation pathways,” a much-discussed approach to planning under uncertainty.
Intended for practitioners, this webinar explored approaches that help planners recognize in advance when thresholds signifying compromised resilience (the focus of Webinar 2) are approaching. Triggers, and monitoring systems linked to those triggers, provide real time recognition of approaching vulnerability thresholds, requiring planning adjustments.

The conversation included practical examples of how triggers have been developed, different types of triggers, and insight into monitoring progress toward them. The presentations included examples of triggers being exceeded rapidly and sooner than anticipated.

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Environment Agency, United Kingdom: Dr. James Brand

James is a Senior Advisor for strategic asset management in the Thames Estuary. The Thames Estuary 2100 Plan was the first adaptive flood risk management strategy developed in England. It was first published in 2012 and its first full review and update has just been completed. James led the research that recommended changing the deadline for raising tidal flood defences in London from 2065 to 2050 in the updated Plan.

Royal Haskoning DHV: Nick Lewis

Nick is a Director at Royal Haskoning DHV, responsible for the Water Team in Australia.  As a Chartered Scientist Nick has a background in Coastal, Estuarine and River Environmental Science and Engineering and holistic knowledge of and practical experience in coastal and river geomorphology, river rehabilitation, coastal and river engineering, hydraulic and water quality modelling, flood risk management, coastal management and environmental assessment. Nick has authored and contributed to a number of textbooks, manuals, and design guidelines on coastal resilience. Nick has previously provided expert witness advice to the NSW LPI on River Geomorphology matters, has represented Clients in NSW Land & Environment Court Cases, and has undertaken numerous peer reviews and provided expert advice for a variety of Clients.

City of Santa Cruz, California: Dr. Tiffany Wise-West

Tiffany is the Sustainability and Climate Action Manager at the City of Santa Cruz, California. She is a licensed professional civil engineer with over 25 years of experience in municipal environmental planning, programming, policy and infrastructure development and implementation.  Drawing on her interest in innovation and education, she specializes in collaborating across public, private and academic sectors to deliver impactful and award-winning emissions mitigation and climate adaptation initiatives.

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